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Therefore, the choice of product tends to be reliant on third-party certification - in the form of a short circuit testing certificate - but unfortunately this can be misleading.
The spray and short circuit transfer modes are successfully applied in the same current waveform and the process is continuously adapted by keeping the arc shorter and restricting the occurrence of short circuits.
The 4 ALSTOM short circuit generators installed for DNV KEMA in the '70s have demonstrated, in 40 years of operation, a very good performance.
Brigadier Salih Al Matroushi, Director-General of the Ajman Civil Defence, confirmed that the fire was caused because of a short circuit.
Officials said that the incident occurred due to short circuit.
The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained though Rajesh Jain, the owner of the mill, said he had complained about a short circuit in the wires running through the industrial estate but nothing had been done to repair it.
The circuit breaker is disconnected only when an overload or short circuit occurs.
SHORT CIRCUIT [British Short Circuit programme: short films] July 13, 7.
When you make a short circuit, why could some electric parts be damaged?
The diagnostics system checks every valve, using criteria such as tolerance of the supply voltage, recognition of the solenoid coil and short circuit display.
I've always mixed up a bit of road racing with short circuit because I enjoy it so much.
If the battery isn't installed correctly in your M16 rifle or M4 carbine's M68 reflex sight, you can short circuit the sight.