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Due to the fact that the short circuit is realized using the ohmic resistance (Fig.
Similarly, in short circuit calculation, DG may enter into the current limiting status as well for the decreased voltage at point of common coupling (PCC) during a fault.
3 (a) and (b) present, respectively, samples from specimens welded using Synergic Pulsed GMAW and WiseFusion[TM] at 35% short circuit.
Many existing systems are not suitable for long cable runs, where cable impedance may limit fault current and short circuit operation.
Figure 3a shows the oscillograms of developed power and energy during two different short circuit points (0 and 118 degrees), while in Figure 3b is presented the zoom of the oscillograms for short circuit on point 118 degrees.
It's in my blood with my dad and I still love the TT every bit as much as I love short circuits.
Federal Interior Minister Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao visited the hotel and told reporters the explosion was ''apparently caused by a short circuit,'' denying the possibility of a terrorist attack.
Fire officials said the blaze was sparked by a short circuit in the cooling system in the storage room, located on the bottom floor of the two-story building.
In some people, a sort of short circuit can develop, producing a change in heart rhythm, making it beat faster or irregularly.
The Survivor Class 2 device has patented short circuit and overload protection and is capable of withstanding a direct short circuit in excess of 15 days.
THE Mid-Antrim club have stunned fans by cancelling next Saturday's Irish Championship short circuit meeting at Aghadowey in County Londonderry.
Since damage from the syndrome often shows up in the lungs, the researchers looked in mouse lungs for proof of the biochemical short circuit.