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I'm growing up all the time in the sport, I have a short fuse but I'm learning to channel my moods.
About Charlie: He says, ``Charlie is a belligerent maverick with a short fuse.
FORMER soccer star Eric Cantona has been playing to the crowds as French cinemagoers flock to see his latest film role, which mirrors his own reputation - a hardman with a short fuse.
But tempers are on a short fuse and slowly as they hammer each other verbally, secrets begin to emerge as sk eletons rattle in old closets.
He has a really short fuse and gets angry and shouts at the least thing.
But as well as a big serve and forehand the 19-year-old also has a notoriously short fuse that can cause on-court fireworks.
Irish legend McCarthy is renowned for his short fuse and had an infamous bust-up with roy Keane at the 2002 World Cup.
The 55-year-old's short fuse also landed him in trouble when he assaulted a BT engineer who did not take his shoes off before going into his home.
MUCH to look forward to on I'm A Celebrity: David Dickinson's short fuse.
Meanwhile, players' chief Gordon Taylor today urged Diouf to seek professional counselling as a cure for his short fuse.
When asked if he thought Holbrook had a short fuse, Bradley said, ``Obviously.
The land acquisition was on a very short fuse, so Mountain focused its due diligence efforts on underwriting and closing the land knowing that certain construction conditions, like the admittance of an experienced developer partner and approval of construction contracts, would occur post-closing.