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BRAT OUT ZOF HELL Ryan Harrison has a notoriously short fuse that Andy Murray, left, believes he can exploit in first-round tie
As the months and years passed, Steam recruited Starch and Short Fuse and they found themselves Extreme Ironing while hiking, rock climbing, skiing and doing many other outdoor activities they love.
When asked if he thought Holbrook had a short fuse, Bradley said, ``Obviously.
About Charlie: He says, ``Charlie is a belligerent maverick with a short fuse.
Now compare that to Old Trafford's knight of the realm whose swaggering arrogance, short fuse and predilection for the coarsest of language still has the ability to surprise journalists who hardly qualify as graduates from a Swiss finishing school.
Many an Army wife will tell you it's hard to unlight a short fuse.
The land acquisition was on a very short fuse, so Mountain focused its due diligence efforts on underwriting and closing the land knowing that certain construction conditions, like the admittance of an experienced developer partner and approval of construction contracts, would occur post-closing.
swiftly revealed that soul singer Bobby Brown runs on a short fuse.
making the big mistake of lighting her short fuse and not standing well back.
But despite Bellamy's short fuse, the anticipation of a yellow card rush might be wide of the mark.
Tell her you understand that her short fuse may be a symptom of delayed stress, but also that it's losing her friends.
Gleason partners cutely with Hicks' nasaly Adelaide, a showgirl with domestic inclinations and a justifiably short fuse.