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The visit by the prince to his daughter Asma upon a short letter from her and in response to her invitation is a clear indication of the close bonds between leaders and common people in the kingdom," the father said.
The short letter, which did not name the youngster, said she was a close relative of a member of school staff.
It is a short letter but a letter that talks about nuclear programme and does suggest that we should consider getting into talks," Ashton told journalists as she arrived for a meeting of EU foreign ministers.
In this rather short letter, you will have transmitted several messages:
Famous for his victories against the French in the Napoleonic Wars, Nelson apologises for the short letter, explaining "my left hand is tired".
One of the nicest public tributes after his death last week came from a Canadian, Daniel Kowbell of Toronto, who wrote a short letter to the editor of The New York Times.
Beck's arrest came just days after she resigned from the school with a short letter that gave no indication of why she was leaving, according to Gabe Soumakian, assistant superintendent for human resources for the Burbank Unified School District.
This short letter will note the most important benefits to the sponsor, especially how you will recognize the sponsorship, and just enough information on your nonprofit to convince the corporation that you are a vital, ongoing operation.
Poor Austin Bunn is messed up in so many ways, one couldn't possibly address them in a short letter to the editor.
This short letter to the BJD reminds us that retinoic acids are hydrophobic and for oral use are administered dissolved in oil in capsules.
It came out of the blue," said Coulthard of Colton's action, "he just handed in a short letter and that was it really.
A short letter expressing appreciation for the opportunities you have had and a brief reason for leaving (e.