short measure

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This is a matter of real regret and owes in no short measure to the way the Liberals leaked the correspondence.
At just 42 minutes it's short measure - but comes at medium price.
e council's environmental protection team can't be accused of giving short measure in its criticism, describing Cottage bosses as "unco-operative and confrontational" people.
Clark Police inspector Terry Ball said: "The result is in no short measure due to the proactivity and involvement of members of the public.
The Serbian tactician has been helped in no short measure by Ghana's victory at the Under-20 World Cup last year, and he has been quick to plunder the youth ranks - with 10 members of that squad named in his party for the African Nations Cup.
Punters pouring out their troubles are in short measure at John's bar.
HANCOCK (Mail, February 26) raised the subject of short measure in drinks dispensed in the city's pubs and bars.
At economic turning points, the pointers can become confusing and contradictory, ensuring that there is a lively debate between those who see the glass as half full and those who see only the short measure in a half empty glass.
Tesco Stores Ltd pleaded guilty to six specimen offences of delivering short measure fuel and using unjust measuring equipment between October 2007 and July 2008, when more than 9.
Durham County Council's Trading Standards officers have carried out spot checks on solid fuel traders and found some are giving customers short measure.
6% of all pints served are more than 5% short measure.

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