short measure

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You see, I have to cut out everything like a tailor with short measure.
A coal merchant caught giving short measure to an 80-year-old has been ordered to pay almost pounds 900 in fines and costs.
You don't go to the butchers, buy some meat and then ask for a top-up because you have been given short measure.
Dave Aldridge, aged 32, a labourer from Kings Heath, said: 'I think you just accept that you get a short measure sometimes, though it can only be good news that the law is changing.
Pity then, after flagging up the expose, it didn't have the courage to name names and identify the guilty short measure bars in question.
United, of course, had already tucked away the Premiership and FA Cup but on the 90th anniversary of Sir Matt Busby's birth a double would have seemed like short measure.
Teldec): At just under an hour, this disc comes in as decidedly short measure, though the quality of the music on offer goes a long way towards making up the deficit.
Barry Coppinger, the council's Executive councillor for community safety, said: "Hopefully the days are ending when people will swallow anything in terms of short measure drinks.
A Midland licensee alleged to be responsible for supplying two pints of beer with short measure has had a charge of fraud dismissed against her by magistrates.
The scandal of short measure beer must be one of the greatest consumer protection anomalies," said David.
If you are a cask beer fan, you will probably be acutely aware of the short measure beer debate.
Unfortunately, the problem of the short measure becomes worse at Christmas, when bar staff are under pressure to move on to the next customer.

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