short measure

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You see, I have to cut out everything like a tailor with short measure. What can we do, Susan?
But organic net sales growth of 6.1% was a short measure compared to the 6.2% expected as growth was watered down in the second half from the 7.5% in the first.
"I think that is due in no short measure to the work Newcastle City Council has done in terms of lobbying the Government on the issue." Council planning officers have been struggling with phone box applications over the past two years, with figures showing Newcastle had 95 applications in 2017 compared with just one in 2015.
"It would have been a good game to watch," smiled the 26-year-old striker, named Toal's Man of the Match thanks in no short measure to his goals.
"We always knew that if we got to 20 minutes left in the game at 0-0 we had a chance of nicking it and keeping the clean sheet," said the keeper Burge, meanwhile, is convinced that things are coming together nicely thanks, in no short measure, to Conor Chaplin's arrival.
Does short measure up unless there is tall?' The illustrations show that how we see things depends on our point of view and that this can differ from person to person or from an individual's different standpoints.
Unfortunately, the problem of the short measure becomes worse at Christmas, when bar staff are under pressure to move on to the next customer.
"This is a matter of real regret and owes in no short measure to the way the Liberals leaked the correspondence."
At just 42 minutes it's short measure - but comes at medium price.
The Serbian tactician has been helped in no short measure by Ghana's victory at the Under-20 World Cup last year, and he has been quick to plunder the youth ranks - with 10 members of that squad named in his party for the African Nations Cup.
"I don't believe there's a problem in the industry and in some parts of the country drinkers don't like a head, places like in London as opposed to in the Midlands where they do, and which may appear like a short measure."

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