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You see, I have to cut out everything like a tailor with short measure.
THE Gazette gives good advice on how to deal with pubs that serve up short measures (Don't get short changed in the pub 11.
The last two pieces have short measures when a chord or single notes are played hands together.
MIRPUR -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has expressed the confidence that there will be substantial decrease in load-shedding in coming months due to short measures initiated by the government.
CHEATING Tory club bosses fined bar steward Helen Davies PS238 because her short measures weren't short enough.
A BID to catch publicans selling short measures instead found drinkers were actually getting more than they should.
Checks at 30 pubs revealed that short measures are getting worse with an average 3.
The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) lodged a 20,000-name petition at Downing Street last year, demanding an end to the short measures.
The company made no effort to check pumps at its Ystrad Mynach petrol station, which were selling short measures and leaving thousands of customers out of pocket.
The company was caught selling short measures of fuel to its customers during a routine inspection by trading standards over an eight-month period in which they sold 9.
DRINKERS all over Britain are being ripped off by bar staff pouring short measures in trendy, thimble-style spirit cups.
This is costing beer drinkers a staggering pounds 481m every year, so Camra has launched a nationwide petition calling for the Government to end short measures ( as they promised to do a decade ago.

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