short of money

References in classic literature ?
It was the widow's mite-- eighty-six piastres; but self-constituted empires are always rather short of money.
The liberal party said that in Russia everything is wrong, and certainly Stepan Arkadyevitch had many debts and was decidedly short of money.
Whether sea-going people were short of money about that time, or were short of faith and preferred cork jackets, I don't know; all I know is, that there was but one solitary bidding, and that was from an attorney connected with the bill-broking business, who offered two pounds in cash, and the balance in sherry, but declined to be guaranteed from drowning on any higher bargain.
Verner's history seemed to be full of smart bargains and financial flutters that left other people short of money and temper.
Even among those earning more than PhP 50,000 a month, 23 percent state that they run short of money for basic necessities.
My whole life I've been short of money as probably most people in this country have as well," Perry said.
99%, which will bring in an extra PS2,208, it is reasonable to assume that the council was short of money.
SO Birmingham City Council is short of money and we have to economise.
I'm aware that the council is short of money, but selling off our parks is not an option.
After all the council are so short of money that they have to make children walk to school because they can't afford a bus for them.
YES ROGER Goss, co-director of Patient Concern, said: "With the NHS so short of money, most people wouldn't support surgery of this kind.
The Saints may also be short of money and forced to sell their stars, creating uncertainty among the South Coast squad.