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Disclosable short position is defined in the Glossary of Definitions in the FSA Handbook.
The short position is when financial institutions bet on falling U.
For a short signal, for which the 1-day short MA crosses the long 9-day in a downward direction, the subsequent actual market trend was negative, implying a positive return on the short position suggested by the signal.
The reporting inaccuracies were initially discovered by the Amex in October 1998 as a result of an inquiry made to Morgan Stanley regarding a large change in the reported short position in an Amex-listed security.
The rule is satisfied because (1) the short position was closed within 30 days after the end of 1998; and (2) the 60-day requirement was not violated, because the long position remained open for 60 days after Jan.
ValuJet's shares also are receiving shaky support from investors who are covering short positions.
Prior to November 1, 2006, the Fund did not take short positions as part of its principal investment strategy and, therefore, its prior performance may not be indicative of how it will perform using short selling as a principal investment strategy.
There were 29 ECM securities with a short position in December and 8 ECM issues with a short position of 5,000 shares or more.
There were 27 ECM securities with a short position in November and 8 ECM issues with a short position of 5,000 shares or more.
The company will publish a more specific statement regarding the short position early next week along with the company's intentions to combat the short position.
A short position of 5,000 or more shares existed in 358 of the approximately 1,000 stocks and warrants traded on the Exchange.
Cal-Bay's management believes there is a significant short position in the freely tradable stock and the side by side comparison of the NOBO and DTC list should disclose any discrepancy.