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And in Brent, hedge funds cut short positions by 19 million barrels, the largest one-week reduction since January.
For example, if the market price of the stock sold short declines, the taxpayer potentially has a smaller amount of long-term gain in the underlying long position, but he will realize short-term capital gain when the short position is closed.
2) Hedge funds have established large short positions in crude of 300 million barrels, but past experience suggests the maximum short position could be at least 390 million, indicating there is more scope for short-selling to push prices lower.
GATA urges NovaGold shareholders not to tender their shares to Barrick before Barrick closes its short position in gold.
Pink Sheets:WTAF) has previously expressed its concern about the speculative and undocumented comments made about the alleged effect of short positions on Wataire's share price.
Jacobs, explains, "I feel that our company's inclusion on this Threshold Security List supports our contention that there have been substantial naked short positions that may have caused failed deliveries of SunnComm shares resulting in a substantial dilutive effect on shareholder equity.
For the past two weeks market makers who appear to be most exposed by the short positions in Triangle stock have extended their illegal activities to selectively excluding the processing of large purchase orders for our stock.
Historical Charts of Speculative Forex Trading Positioning EURUSD - The ratio of long to short positions in the EURUSD stands at -1.
But now the liquidation of old long positions is being replaced by the establishment of new short positions as fund managers try to capitalise on the downward cycle in prices.
the "Company" or "NAEG") (OTC Pink Sheets: NVMG) announced that it has ordered the latest NOBO information for analysis and comparison in order to clarify all owners of its issued and outstanding shares and address potential short positions in NAEG's stock that management believes needs to be researched and examined to ensure integrity in the marketplace for its shares.
Historical Charts of Speculative Forex Trading Positioning EURUSD - Forex trading crowds remain net-short the Euro/US Dollar, with the ratio of long to short positions in the EURUSD at -1.