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The award for Taiwanese Short Story was won by Chen Cheng-hsiung, who has delved into Taiwanese-language writing for years.
He argues that the crucial ascent of the short story in Canada really began during the 1960s, raising the quality, diversity, and prominence of the genre in Canada to new heights that reached a climax in the bestowal of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Canadian short story writer Alice Munro in 2013.
His wonderfully strange, incantatory short story "The Boxes" was included in Beirut Noir , edited by Iman Humaydan and translated by Michelle Hartman.
When the third book was printed, they merely observed: "Author Adam Tahar-Zehav, master of the short story, has published his third book.
It pairs description of technique with reinforcing exercises and examples of solid short story writing, it shows how to identify the right markets for a particular type of story and how to submit them to a publication, and (most importantly) it encourages creativity, experimentation, and a deeper attention to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different short story approaches.
An avid reader and fan of the short story, it was the members of Clare's Whitley Bay book group who had the idea for the award, and the organisers of the Northern Writers' Awards were pleased to add it to the annual roster.
The present volume is an inspiring collection of essays which succeeds in engaging the reader in a thought-provoking discussion on issues which are presently at the core of literary and artistic debates, such as the definition and delimitations of the short story, as well as the ideas and problematics of modernist and postmodernist creation.
2013 also saw her winning the Bath Short Story Award, being nominated for the prestigious US Pushcart Prize and being selected for the short list of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize with only one other UK writer.
the opening chapter of Modernism convincingly argues for a continuation of postmodernism in the short story nowadays.
While I suspect that it is a little early in the new century to subtitle a collection of essays "a twenty-first-century perspective" I understand that the impulse springs from the desire to differentiate the book from what presumably counted as twentieth-century short story theory.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the American author had said that he wrote his latest short story specifically for his fans in European countries that were so hospitable to him when he visited in November.
Her short story, The Keeper of the Jackalopes, impressed the judges and - with the stories made available on the Costa Book Awards website - the voting public.