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DPRK has already fired six short-range missiles into a same water since last Saturday.
We are confirming intelligence that North Korea fired short-range missiles into the West Sea,'' the official added, on condition of anonymity.
Extended Systems and Motorola Inc have partnered to add short-range wireless connectivity and e-connect technology to Motorola's Timeport P935 interactive paging communicator.
According to Christopher Taylor, author of the report, "Demand for HD video is driving bandwidth for content delivery to the home, leading to exciting prospects for short-range gigabit radio for in-home and last hundred meter distribution.
The launch of such a short-range missile would not infringe on the 2002 Japan-North Korean Pyongyang Declaration, under which North Korea promised to maintain its moratorium on missile launches beyond 2003.
An overview and in-depth coverage of wireless technologies that are about to start an evolution from international standards to mass products, and that will influence the future of short-range communications
Jiangshan was identified for the first time as a short-range missile base although the officials said it was not a new base, according to the paper.
Another equally important application market is the industrial and building automation sector, where it is likely to be employed for short-range device-to-device communication and control.
Based on a short-range wireless connectivity, NFC technology provides intuitive, simple and secure interaction between electronic devices.
In addition to purchases, NFC technology combines identification and interconnection capabilities to facilitate short-range wireless communication between different mobile devices and smart objects, in a secure and intuitive way.
NFC technology is a short-range, standards-based wireless connectivity technology.
Far from representing completely separate markets, short-range wireless sensor networking (WSN) technologies, such as ZigBee, and cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, are increasingly being bundled in complementary fashion to deploy M2M services, according to a new study from ABI Research.

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