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It seems that like all short-sightedly smart individuals, especially politicians, Abid Sher Ali was searching for a scapegoat to hide his inability to stop power theft and he found one in the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
She uses case examples to contend that some industries, notably the automobile industry, when confronted with pressure to reduce air emissions, characteristically and short-sightedly react by protecting their economic interests, by attacking scientists whose data question the safety of their products, and by exerting tremendous political pressure on policy makers.
He also suggests that voters who chose Ralph Nader rather than Al Gore, out of disappointment over the moderate stands of the Clinton administration, short-sightedly chose principle over practicality.
The United States short-sightedly and insensitively disentangled itself from Afghanistan following the Soviet pullout.
By focusing attention and resources away from creating an environment that values employees, we think finance-oriented CEOs may short-sightedly hurt their opportunities for long-term survival.
2490 would short-sightedly deny the IRS critical funding to perform its mission.
Successive civilizations have short-sightedly treated this energy capital as income.
This study, adopting an ecological perspective on drought management, argues that the planning process has been short-sightedly concerned with drought-mitigation through relief, rather than with initiating long-term measures related to drought-proofing.
Tenants and sponsors who short-sightedly refuse to good faith negotiate a conversion plan end up losing money, time and the chance to profit financially and upgrade our aging housing stock.
Moreover, it is now widely appreciated that, where the United States and other advanced capitalist countries themselves are concerned, the conjunctural response of the ruling class to the slow growth of the economy since the early 1970s is evident in the rise of supply-side economics, which short-sightedly proposes to alleviate the general crisis by redistributing income and wealth from the poor to the rich.