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According to those who have dealt with Chertkov, he is supposed to be short-tempered and outspoken.
Don't Mention His image as a short-tempered brawler.
It's also got to help if you can have a laugh about it all and come to the conclusion that being ultra-serious, short-tempered and judgmental isn't doing anyone any favours.
The short-tempered Yorkshireman has snubbed the likes of Richard Corrigan, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes and Christophe Novelli to dine at his own eaterie which opened in Dublin last March.
A company spokeswoman, Amanda Jones, said: "Sleep deprivation makes our children short-tempered and miserable and it just goes to show that having the recommended eight hours a night really can make a big difference to their mood.
If I phone her too often, or pop round more than once a week, she gets short-tempered with me and shouts at me sometimes.
The workshop owner also previously told the court that the defendant was short-tempered and had sparked several earlier arguments with customers.
Anger in the workplace - employees and employers who are grumpy, insulting, short-tempered or worse - is growing in the United States as people cope with woes of rising costs or overwhelming debt, experts say.
Twelve-year-old Ben doesn't want to be treated like a child, but he's at wits end trying to deal with his short-tempered father and the old cow boss with a grudge against him.
Caught amid a morass of short-tempered chefs, fiercely competitive students, and her own sadly inadequate command of French, she nonetheless learned how to gut fish and behead rabbits as well as apply the great techniques of French cuisine.
Published author David Peterson presents Postcards From Ed: Dispatches and Salvos From An American Iconoclast, a gathering of postcards and letters from American writer and cult hero Edward Abbey (1927-1989), known for his books "Desert Solitaire" and "The Monkey Wrench Gang", and also known for his short-tempered personality, which earned him the nickname "Cactus Ed".
In lockup, he tells anyone who'll listen about the Donnellys: Jimmy (Thomas Guiry), a short-tempered junkie; Kevin (Billy Lush), an inept gambler; Sean (Michael Stahl-David), a vain womanizer; and Tommy, (Jonathan Tucker), the conscience of the outfit.