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The residents of Sabzal Road held a protest demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club against shortage of water and unannounced load shedding.
The ongoing shortage of medical products manufactured in Puerto Rico, specifically small volume IV fluid bags, has created a nationwide public health scare during the height of a severe flu season.
These skills shortages have supported an average salary increase of 1.
Another theme was 'simpler agents seem more likely to be in shortage,' " Dr.
After excluding 451 patients (10 patients <18 years old, 169 <72 h of consecutive meropenem therapy, 272 duplicate patients), 320 patients were included in this study, with 103 in the pre-treatment group and 217 in the shortage group.
We already have a nursing shortage that is impacting our nation and insufficient nursing faculty can make that problem much worse.
A mobile app that provides up-to-date information on drug shortages has been launched by the Food and Drug Administration, the agency has announced.
There is no shortage of nail salons with flashing neon signs in strip
Talent shortages continue to persist and are impeding employers' ability to deliver value for their customers," said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup CEO.
The very notion of a skill shortage can be helpful because of its broad perspective but it may not match-up with the employers' explanation.
These include improving the FDA's communications about shortages, such as launching a new mobile app, so that individuals can instantaneously access drug shortage information via their smartphones," said the statement.