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The losses of resources at the start-up of new automated factories caused by human shortcomings reach up to 5-10% of the total labour costs and tend to increase with the growing complexity of control systems.
In a third of the primary schools and a fifth of the secondary schools inspected in 2010-11, there were shortcomings in the way that quality was being monitored and improved.
Thirty-two industries are modified for this shortcoming and combined into 14 industries.
Another shortcoming is that Davis offers no solutions at the end.
Though traditional intelligence tests are powerfully predictive, these instruments have too many shortcomings to be used with a modern, managerial population.
Developers have had to juggle multiple design considerations to circumvent shortcomings inherent to parallel technology.
The more troubling shortcoming of the book is the fact that, despite its acknowledgment of the social and historical circumstances that inform the parallels it explores, Up from Bondage shows a tin ear for real politics throughout.
Its principal shortcoming is that only 12 hours of credit are available each year.
To help employees counter this shortcoming, departments need to ensure that supervisors receive training in communication skills, human relations, and even public speaking.
Another shortcoming is that McKenzie doesn't see the forest for the trees.