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However, the book does have two shortcomings. For one thing, the historical circumstances that Peterson cites to explain the parallels between Russian and African American culture also apply to any number of non-Western cultures around the world.
CPEasy has relatively few shortcomings. As with all these online vendors, instructors do not provide feedback online while participants are taking the courses.
By examining the potential reasons for the lack of praise, supervisors can learn where their shortcomings may lie and how they can become more praise-conscious.
AS SATISFYING AS MCKENZIE'S BOOK IS, it has some puzzling shortcomings. One is that he doesn't acknowledge others who have exposed false and misleading claims about the 1980s.
One of the greatest shortcomings of human beings is the inability to see things objectively.
Like Bill O'Reilly with a Ph.D., McWhorter inveighs against "BET" and "hip hop," and considers the problems of black students named Dwayne and Tomika, while addressing the shortcomings of Kwanzaa--but all from a distance that suggests his primary exposure wasn't gleaned from media or human practice, but as primary research.
Another shortcoming is lack of an underpass linking the G-7 and G-8 sectors.
The reality and future aspirations) has lamented that there was media shortcoming against a considerable government achievements
As the statistics is based on data summarized from about 26 factories, the probability of any human shortcoming during the ongoing project can be presumed.
The New Delhi District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum observed that the complainant could not derive any pleasure or satisfaction after purchasing the new car "due to imperfections in the car" and "shortcoming of quality checks" by the company."The change of engine and so many parts in a new car is never expected.