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The proposal would shorten the settlement cycle to two days, or T+2.
Belfast Magistrates heard Shorten met the girl online last year.
There's not a goal to shorten, there's not a goal to lengthen.
The TB Alliance's goal is to develop an entirely new therapeutic regimen that will shorten and simplify current TB treatment, which currently takes six to nine months to complete.
Shorten had turned off the air compressor and removed the nail cartridge prior to the incident.
The use of ICEM Surf enabled us to shorten the Gallardo development timescale by reducing the number of design iterations required to arrive at the finished product," observed Ms.
And, our comprehensive hardware and software Professional Services capabilities enable the OEM to shorten the critical product realization timeframe.
Tony Clare says bookmakers shorten the horse they have taken significant money on and the lengthening of others is inconsequential
In combination with an arc block on the cornerback by the #2 receiver, this crack technique allows us to shorten the distance between the ball-carrier and the outside edge of the defense (Diag.
2) Space main scaffold limbs apart--remove or shorten nearby branches.
A newly enhanced fluoroelastomer processing aid has been shown to shorten cycle time and improve gloss in HDPE blow molding.
Achieving a seamless flow of data from computer aided design part models to equipment on the factory floor is a key requirement to shorten product cycles.