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gr is a URL shortener owned by Carrefour, a URL shortener with a heart
It will continue to be our public URL shortener that anybody can use to shorten URLs across the web.
Since you don't want to waste a single character when you must say something coherent within the allowed space, URL shortener services, especially bit.
Additionally, the Social Media Panel includes a convenient URL shortener.
Most appear as if the LinkedIn user is sharing a Google Drive file with the victim and contain a malicious link, obscured by a URL shortener to hide its true destination.
Use a URL shortener like Google url shortener (http://goo.
As web addresses continue to grow longer and more complex, URL shortener services such as TinyURL and bit.
ME has also become extraordinarily popular recently for its value in the world of mobile apps and as a URL shortener for some of the world's biggest companies, such as Wordpress (WP.
He ran well at Wetherby on his return and at 16-1, he is a potential shortener.
gl URL Shortener works to save you time and lets you shorten URL links while you're on the website.
The major potential shortener is surely Snow Fairy, if only for the reason that the weather makes her a much likelier runner.
com domain, but the actual destination is obscured by a URL shortener.