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In the case of shortening, no water phase is required, so it is typically just the oil/emulsifier blend that is pumped into the heat exchanger for rapid chilling.
This section shall take effect on July 1, 2007 with respect to oils, shortenings and margarines containing artificial trans fat that are used for frying or in spreads; except that the effective date of this section with regard to oils or shortenings used for deep frying of yeast dough or cake batter, and all other food containing artificial trans fat, shall be July 1, 2008.
Danisco has developed one such ingredient, Benefat, a trans-free alternative to solid shortenings in bakery applications.
USDA/ARS researchers (Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center, Cereal Crops Research, PO Box 5677, Fargo, ND 58105) compared bread formulations made with either 3% crude oat oil or the same amount of vegetable shortening.
A Red Lobster Admiral's Feast--that's fried seafood, french fries, cole slaw, and two pieces of garlic cheese bread--is a coronary from the sea, thanks, in part, to the trans-heavy shortening it's fried in.
Shortening, the third leading source of fat, trails in 11th place; it provides 1.
Oxidative stability similar to traditional bakery shortenings
AAK Bakery Services' Operations Director Gary Atkinson said: "Akofluid Pumpable Shortenings bring a number of benefits, such as reducing waste and the use of mechanised handling with its associated environmental impacts, and helping manufacturers meet the FSA's guidelines on saturated fat and calorie reduction.
Cake volume is governed by the creaming and aeration properties of shortenings or fats in cake batters.
Of course, many of the restaurants we went to use liquid partially hydrogenated shortening.
It is a big step to take the trans fat out of shortening, which is traditionally 20-30 percent trans," adds David Dzisiak, global business leader for oils at Dow AgroSciences.
Therefore it does not require the heated storage to maintain fluidity as is needed for pumpable shortenings.