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The transaction documents specify that the trusts are able to shorten the length of the accumulation period based on the satisfaction of certain conditions, namely, the level of the payment rate and amounts available to be reallocated from other outstanding series of notes in order to make full payment of notes on its expected maturity date.
Photo: On these video images, numbered beadsshow coiling and uncoiling of a smooth-muscle cell as it shortens and expands.
This enabled the design team to shorten the simulation runs, giving them more time to analyze the performance of the algorithms and ultimately produce a better product.
The Cesura managed service shortens and eliminates the intermittent disruptions that users experience with on-demand applications -- improving customer satisfaction and financial performance while guarding against unwanted customer churn.
Adexa helps companies reduce the cost of goods sold, shorten lead-times for orders, and reduce inventory costs through improved supply chain planning and operational performance management.
With the implementation of XACCT's Network to Business (N2B) Platform, Czech Telecom expects to improve its operational efficiency by reducing operational support costs as well as shorten the time-to market for new services
SPECCTRAQuest EE shortens the design cycle because electrical
According to medical experts, each time she breathes smoke from the burning fields, the smoke causes irreparable pulmonary injury that shortens her life expectancy.
In addition to faster debugging, Xtreme's fast setup time shortens verification time for even the most complex designs.
Axis' Accelerated Simulation and Emulation System Shortens
The use of AXYS Design's solutions in the pre-silicon phase substantially shortens the SoC design cycle by enabling early system integration and embedded software development, thus reducing NRE cost and time to market.