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For the best of it was that Captain S- seemed constitutionally incapable of giving his officers a definite order to shorten sail; and so that extraordinarily vague row would go on till at last it dawned upon them both, in some particularly alarming gust, that it was time to do something.
Maddox that I shall shorten some of his speeches, and a great many of my own, before we rehearse together.
I beg your pardon, sir, for the liberty I have taken in sending for you," said I; "but as I have just learnt your intention of leaving this place to-day, I feel it my duty to entreat that you will not on my account shorten your visit here even an hour.
Blifil, from his inexperience in the ways of women, and from his conceit of himself, took this behaviour for a modest assent to his courtship; and when, to shorten a scene which she could no longer support, Sophia rose up and left the room, he imputed that, too, merely to bashfulness, and comforted himself that he should soon have enough of her company.
He had helped to shorten its long tidal trough by taking shares in the lock at Teddington, and if he and other capitalists thought good, some day it could be shortened again.
Proceeding in this way, we can shorten the process which we are calling the cause more and more.
In one act of seeming ingratitude, when a male fruit fly dopes his ejaculate with compounds that encourage the female to lay eggs faster, he shortens her life.
With this latest achievement, IBM is combining the use of the SiGe material with an improved transistor design that shortens the electrical path to speed up the device.
Zinc gluconate shortens the duration of colds," says Macknin.
Discover typically shortens the accumulation period twice; first from the 12-month period to a six-month period and then down to a one-month period.
Warshaw and his colleagues have found evidence that, unlike skeletal muscle, which shortens like an accordion, smooth-muscle cells contract in a corkscrew-like manner.
Catalytic shortens the development of signal processing applications through a family of software products that accelerate algorithm simulation and automatically synthesize implementations of those algorithms for use in digital electronic systems.