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The ability to provide and use a stenotype machine that uses machine shorthand with computer software that translates shorthand into real-time captions, matching the shorthand against the specialized shorthand dictionary stored in the computer; and
I remember 20 years ago we were worrying about what was going to happen to the million shorthand typists in Britain as the personal computer took over.
Samuel Pepys invented his own version in the 17th century and it became widely accepted after Isaac Pitman devised his system in the 1830s and invented shorthand typists.
Kyle Gunn completed a media studies course at Glasgow Clyde College and was hoping to progress to the two-year HND journalism course, which includes a shorthand assessment.
Shorthand, he finally gets his chance to confront his demons.
1603-1683) was the author behind the shorthand-written manuscript, but in 2012 all doubts were put to rest when an interdisciplinary collaborative effort decoded the cryptic shorthand and confirmed Williams' authorship.
The government will have to acquire shorthand services from the successful bidder at a higher cost than estimated due to the lack of competition.
The science of shorthand was still in its infancy - barely 20 years old - and Marie Beauclerc's new-found skills were eminently portable.
The Liverpool Mercury announced the series of shorthand lectures in November 1843 at St Mark's, Duke Street, St Andrew's, Rodney Street, St James', Upper Parliament Street and St Clement's, Toxteth.
Unfortunately there seems little call for shorthand typists now.
Hilary trained as a shorthand typist and served in the Land Army.
TEESSIDE Crown Court sees the end of an era this week with the departure of its 11 shorthand writers.