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I confess I was moved to pity him when I spoke it, for he turned pale as death, and stood mute as one thunderstruck, and once or twice I thought he would have fainted; in short, it put him in a fit something like an apoplex; he trembled, a sweat or dew ran off his face, and yet he was cold as a clod, so that I was forced to run and fetch something for him to keep life in him.
At length he tells all this story to his mother, and sets her upon me to get the main secret out of me, and she used her utmost skill with me indeed; but I put her to a full stop at once by telling her that the reason and mystery of the whole matter lay in herself, and that it was my respect to her that had made me conceal it; and that, in short, I could go no farther, and therefore conjured her not to insist upon it.
Often had he heard of Sir Nigel's prowess and skill with all knightly weapons, but all the tales that had reached his ears fell far short of the real quickness and coolness of the man.
Back and back still his foeman bent him, until, with a roar of pain and of fury, the giant clanged his full length upon the boards, while the glimmer of a knife before the bars of his helmet warned him that short would be his shrift if he moved.
Terlake fell short, crashed in among the oars, and bounded off into the sea.
The short man was quite willing to get the job over, as soon as possible; so he stood on the step, and gave four or five most startling double-knocks, of eight or ten knocks a-piece, while the long man went into the road, and looked up at the windows for a light.
The short man did knock again several times, without producing the smallest effect.
Here's somebody comin' at last, ma'am,' said the short chairman.
The problem of a 28 inch inside leg is that long shorts don't look like long shorts on me.
Once upon a time, you just wore shorts to bum around in.
video artists Nelson Henricks's and Dennis Day's wonderful experimental shorts Planetarium and This Narrative Is Killing Me; Hugo Latulippe's and Marielle Nitoslawka's controversial in-your-face documentaries Bacon, le film and Bad Girl; and la st but not least Yellowknife, the beautiful second feature from a remarkably gifted filmmaker, Rodrigue Jean (Full Blast).
LANCASTER - Offering a weekend reprieve from big-studio productions, dozens of independent short films and features, including entries from the Cannes and Sundance film festivals as well as some Academy Award-nominated shorts, will come to the Antelope Valley.