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Our childrens generation will have to deal with the potentially catastrophic effects of a shortsighted and dangerous decision to leave the Paris Accord, and I urge all New Yorkers and all Americans who care about our health, our security, and our economy to raise their voices and speak out forcefully against this reported decision.
Similarly, for short-sighted consumers with preference for shorter temporal distance, when the emphasis is on the impact of close social distance, shortsighted consuming intentions may be enhanced.
Once again the bias to the Welsh language by the Welsh Government has shown how insular and shortsighted our elected leaders are.
An engineer, accident expert and advisor to Delphi, Atkinson believes the current focus on reducing vehicle crash fatalities alone is shortsighted.
This input can interfere with the company's vision and next quarter's shortsighted romp toward an increase in share price.
It shows that Congress will come together in a bipartisan way to reject the administration's shortsighted budget priorities and stand up for America's small business owners.
On the other hand, those directly involved in New York's disposition and acquisition frenzy, counter that people like Ross are shortsighted.
Pagan is now Archdeacon of Carassonne, and because he is shortsighted, he has hired as his scribe young book-loving Isidore, who narrates in the present tense.
And isn't it shortsighted to focus too much on selling just calves, or tractors, or chemicals?
Ignoring this reality is indicative of the shortsighted approach used by this commission and calls into question the reliability of its findings.
In his crisp yet chatty prose, Robinson unrelentingly makes the case that the supposed greatest nation in history may well be time's most irresponsibly shortsighted player.
While some school districts have overreacted to the risks by banning the use of instant messages outright, such shortsighted views close down the potential to explore exciting new applications for the powerful technology.