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Somewhat shortsightedly we laughed at the thought such technology would become commonplace.
Will issuers react shortsightedly and just impose fees or will they rethink their business model and move from a product focus to a customer focus?
King Hezekiah shortsightedly responds, "At least there will be peace in my day.
They've got their hearts set on a Victorian house in Cobham, Surrey, but the Victorians - rather shortsightedly - didn't build enough of them to meet demand from 21st-century families who want to combine semi-rural living with a short commute.
Speculation that Bulgaria quite shortsightedly had lost a great opportunity of winning a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics has only added to the bitter taste of Bulgaria's abject failure at the Games.
easier to behave shortsightedly when one knows that the consequences of
They go after the particular, they throw them selves shortsightedly upon what is insignificant, they set the contingent above the general, then they seek pleasure and the sensual, they seek satisfaction of their hatred and envy, their art depicts what is one-sided, then the distracted, the untrue, the adventurous, eventually the sensuous, the exciting, and ultimately immorality and vice.
Hawke resurfaced yesterday when the mayor sought support to pay for overruns in energy and utility costs with money he believed the council shortsightedly put in the city's savings account.
I think it would be wrong for us to shortsightedly decide we're going to go ahead and find something that saves us some short-term money, but has long-term costs because of jobs we'd be chasing out.
Peters offers a less than satisfactory exploration of the issues present and concludes, perhaps shortsightedly, that such a system provides a defendant with a fair and just hearing.