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However, authorities later issued a new document detailing the shotgun injuries.
Later, a second man was treated for shotgun injuries after presenting himself at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
Chief Superintendent Julie Cooke of Merseyside Police said: "This is a disgraceful act that has led to four young men receiving medical treatment for shotgun injuries.
The treatment of high velocity and shotgun injuries resulting in types II and III open fractures is controversial between immediate internal vs.
However, authorities last week issued a new document detailing the shotgun injuries and Mr Al Abbar was buried in Sanabis yesterday.
huddersfield examiner Most discussed stories on Facebook 1) Police hunt gunman who shot four men in Lockwood house in early hours West Yorkshire Police armed response officers attended the scene where four men aged 26, 18, 25 and 24 were discovered with shotgun injuries to their legs.
Gaber Salah Gaber, a member of the 6 April Youth Movement, is in the intensive care unit of Al-Qasr Al-Eini Hospital after sustaining shotgun injuries to the head and neck.
Police officers began searching for the intruders and alerted Leicester Royal Infirmary to see if anybody had presented themselves with shotgun injuries, Mr Murphy said.
O'Gorman and Mansell fled empty-handed and were arrested when they turned up at a nearby hospital with shotgun injuries.
Summary: Four people have been found dead from shotgun injuries at a house in County Durham.
A 50-year-old man is under guard in hospital where he is undergoing treatment for shotgun injuries which are not thought to be life-threatening.
DEDICATED: PC David Rathband HORRIFYING: PC David Rathband asked colleagues to publicise this photograph of his shotgun injuries inflicted by Moat