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Cases were tapered from base to shoulder, with gentle shoulder angles, factors believed to make for easier chambering and locking, and for extraction of fired cases.
The blown-out case body and sharper shoulder angle increase the case capacity and allow more powder to be poured into the case, which in turn produces higher velocity.
30 Nosier also has a sharper shoulder angle to move the neck/shoulder junction away from the case mouth to free up valuable space.
To change this shallow downswing, "Kuch" focused on a different shoulder angle throughout his swing, thus creating a steeper, more downward strike on the ball.
During reach and retrieval with gravity compensation, all subjects showed less elbow extension and, in eight subjects, a decrease in shoulder angle and/or plane of elevation.
Comparing the two revealed them to be very similar, except for OAL and shoulder angle.
Measure the unfired case circumference, shoulder angle and length.
However there was a higher value of the ratio when elbow angle is 60 degree (flexed) and shoulder angle is 160 degree (extended) from experimental measurements.
The technique also allows the bottles to have a low shoulder angle, improving topload strength and rigidity.
These indicate that men tended to have slightly less shoulder angle abduction and elbow flexion than did women for these reaches, especially toward the latter phase of the reach motions.
4 grains of water, and the shoulder angle is 22 degrees.
Wildcatting cartridges from existing cases offers innumerable options in shoulder angle, neck length and body taper, so there were numerous versions.