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In our study, differences found in the shoulder girdle seem to reveal an eventual shoulder adaptation in overhead athletes (team handball).
Despite their complexity, approximately 95% of patients with high or low grade sarcomas of the shoulder girdle can be treated with limb-sparing resections, with amputation rarely being required (9).
A 27-year-old man complained of left shoulder pain for two months and wasting of his left shoulder girdle muscles.
In the upper extremity, the spinal accessory has improved to the extent that the scapulae function is now 60% motor return and the shoulder girdle 50%.
The arms and head host 80 percent of the nerve endings in our bodies, so muscular imbalances in the shoulder girdle and neck can easily impinge on the many nerves that are present.
If the rib cage is unstable, the shoulder girdle must get its stability from the muscles of the neck.
Ten weeks later the patient had normal strength of the shoulder girdle and triceps, 3/5 strength of the biceps and minimal weakness of the wrist and small muscles of the hand.
This nice, wide, stable stance balances out the wide shoulder girdle and high upper body mass you get in men.
The polyostotic form most often affects the skull and facial cranium; the pelvis, spine, and shoulder girdle have also been involved, but involvement of the extremities is rare.
The lack of that bony structure freed the animal's skull from its shoulder girdle, giving the creature's spinal column extra flexibility and, in essence, a neck.
In previous years we've had patients presenting with what lay people would call frozen shoulder, or medically speaking capsulitis, an inflammation in the shoulder girdle.
Although we generally focus on the glenohumeral joint when evaluating the shoulder, we should not forget that the shoulder girdle is composed of the sternoclavicular joint, the clavicle, the acromioclavicular joint, the glenohumeral joint, the scapula, and the scapulothoracic joint.