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Till the sides are higher than Shere Khan can jump," shouted Mowgli.
He put his hands to his mouth and shouted down the ravine-- it was almost like shouting down a tunnel--and the echoes jumped from rock to rock.
shouted the crowd, and some among them shouted, "Hey for Reynold Greenleaf
shouted Pierre, banging the table with a determined and drunken gesture and preparing to climb out of the window.
One peasant was whacking the snow-covered croup of their little horse with a long switch, and the other two sitting in front waved their arms and shouted something.
one of the peasants shouted with all his might, but still it was impossible to make out who they were.
shouted the King to his captain, and a group of warriors sprang forward to obey.
shouted the captain of the Nomes, in a voice of horror.
the counting house clerk shouted angrily to the peasant who was stepping slowly with his bare feet over the ruts of the rough dry road.
The boys applied whip and spur, the waiters shouted, the hostlers cheered, and away they went, fast and furiously.
shouted one of them, a young thick-necked peasant with a fleshy face red as a carrot.
Get in, I'll take you all," Mikolka shouted again, leaping first into the cart, seizing the reins and standing straight up in front.