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Allaudin show him the ring at once,' shouted the furious owner.
Another problem area was Foleshill where there were three incidents of firefighters being shouted at.
He was not in control of his actions when he shouted out vile abuse, claimed Mr Mathews.
I am no employment expert but in 40 years of work I have never been shouted at and nor have I ever seen the need to shout at anyone else; it is a basic human courtesy.
Then as we pulled away the kids started shouting "hello" to everybody as we travelled around the city on the hour-long tour and I would say EVERYBODY shouted "hello
1 : to make a sudden loud cry <We shouted with joy.
A MAN shouted 'dead man walking' at a witness who was due to give evidence against him minutes later, magistrates were told yesterday.
Buses brought protesters into the central Baghdad al-Hurriya circle, where they waved flags and shouted "No to America
David Norris, passenger in a car driven by co-defendant Neil Acourt, shouted 'nigger' and threw a container of McDonald's drink and Acourt drove the car towards Detective Constable Gareth Reid, Woolwich Crown Court was told.
When a reporter shouted out that Tyson should be put in a straitjacket, Iron Mike flew into a rage.
In your June issue, Andrew Cockburn reports that on March 23, 1983, a Navy captain shouted, on hearing President Reagan's TV proposal to develop a missile system in space, "I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich" ("Missile Millionaires," June 2000).