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I suspect that a likely motivation for them to withdraw from those speaking engagements was a disinterest in being exposed to the possible spectacle of heckling and being shouted down by protesting students as has become such a common occurrence on campus.
The lesson here has to be those on benefits have a voice and are not going to be pilloried and shouted down by the likes of Katie Hopkins.
While I was upstairs, I heard Grace coughing at the foot of the stairs and I shouted down to her to ask if she was OK.
A vast amount of taxpayers' money that any opposition to was shouted down, namely the hundreds of millions on a defunct computer system and pen-pushing bureaucrats at the expense of doctors and nurses.
That's what the Finn shouted down the radio in frustration at their continual reminder messages as he charged to victory in Abu Dhabi earlier this month.
He said: "Our 4,000 fans were constantly shouted down by 20,000 Swedes.
RANDOM observations on Chelsea v Barcelona: 1) It feels like sacrilege to even mention it - and I was shouted down in the Stamford Bridge press room for voicing this opinion - but Barcelona looked like a team without a plan B.
Among the hecklers was one man dressed as a robot, calling himself 'Roboprof', who shouted down Bachmann with a built-in megaphone, The Daily Mail reports.
At one point, Goodacre shouted down the street: "You stamped on my dog's head so I'll stab you.
Many people voiced their concerns long ago about this white elephant but were shouted down as being - 'negative.
Garbutt told the jury that his wife shouted down to him twice as he served in the shop - which he did not tell police during interviews.
An Egyptian army commander was shouted down when he tried to persuade thousands of demonstrators at Tahrir Square to stop a protest that has stalled economic life in the capital.