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Bias invariably plays a significant part in any discussion, and thus everyone should be welcome at the table and each idea carefully weighed, not shouted down or rubber stamped.
I suspect that a likely motivation for them to withdraw from those speaking engagements was a disinterest in being exposed to the possible spectacle of heckling and being shouted down by protesting students as has become such a common occurrence on campus.
One of the women climbed up on to a gallery railing and wrapped her arms around a pillar as she shouted down at the politicians.
Surely no presenter has been shouted down before by the honoree himself.
That's what the Finn shouted down the radio in frustration at their continual reminder messages as he charged to victory in Abu Dhabi earlier this month.
He said: "Our 4,000 fans were constantly shouted down by 20,000 Swedes.
At one point, Goodacre shouted down the street: "You stamped on my dog's head so I'll stab you."
Many people voiced their concerns long ago about this white elephant but were shouted down as being - 'negative.' JOAN McTIGUE, Independent Councillor, Beechwood Ward
Garbutt told the jury that his wife shouted down to him twice as he served in the shop - which he did not tell police during interviews.
The unease felt by many about industrial-scale destruction of the unborn is shouted down by shrill but empty and illogical slogans, and people who should know better have been taken in by them.
Rather than a dialogue being initiated on this matter, it appears to me that you propose that anyone who doubts the necessity for race quotas for public schools be shouted down.
He was shouted down by the liberal-left media for noting that marriage is by its nature discriminatory, not only on the grounds of orientation, but also on those of age, disability (mental), proper bloodline, and religion.