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Another factor to consider with a Shouter is whether the environment might be contributing to the problem.
The shouter apologized to the couple that same evening after being asked to do so by the resident assistant, FIRE said.
I was fortunate enough to be captain at Celtic with all these big players and I wasn't a shouter.
Johnny wasn't a shouter or a bawler like some managers - myself included
He's not a roarer and a shouter, I don't think many people respond to that anyway these days so he's a good physical leader, he leads by example," said the coach.
The phrase, used in some youth circles, suggests the shouter had already had sex with the male student.
While Martinez was rarely a shouter in the dressing room - as captain or manager - Trundle says his players knew full well when they had erred.
He's quietly confident, not a shouter or a ranter and raver, he just does it.
Derek was never a bawler or a shouter and one for the hairdryer in your face treatment as he was always constructive in his criticism of the players and was always positive.
Along with ever-present backing band Blues Shouter, she comes to the Carling Academy on Saturday night.
CARDIFF City boss Dave Jones insists that he's not a shouter or bawler, but has two rules that cost a pretty penny or two if broken.