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Before the 1960s, disrupting and shouting down a speaker would have been a transgression unacceptable on a college campus dedicated to the free exchange of ideas.
This sparked a wave of protests as the opposition members including the ML (F) and National People's Party (NPP) rose from their seats and started shouting down the members of the treasury bench.
Inspiration doesn't come from shouting down and belittling one's workers.
I do remember very clearly at the end of our meeting him shouting down the road at me, 'Keira, pull your trousers up," and me turning around and just shouting, 'F**k off
Shouting Down the Silence: A Biography of Stanley Elkin.
FORMER Labour councillor Mike Olley's assertion (Mail, February 22) that "you could see Cameron and Osborne shouting down the NHS" is an outrageous slur.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell, heard shouting down her phone after being told her luggage was not on a British Airways flight.
In the alleged incident with Mr Andrew, who worked in the engineering department, he said: "I received a telephone call from Mr Andrew who was shouting down the phone at me to 'Come up here'.
In their zeal to humiliate the governor by shouting down his every word during the speech, they effectively disrespected the entire graduating class of the community college.