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Shouting Down the Silence is particularly good at delineating the mundanity that's required when forging a living as an experimental artist.
In the alleged incident with Mr Andrew, who worked in the engineering department, he said: "I received a telephone call from Mr Andrew who was shouting down the phone at me to 'Come up here'.
In their zeal to humiliate the governor by shouting down his every word during the speech, they effectively disrespected the entire graduating class of the community college.
Thomas was gasping for air himself now, shouting down the madness with a wildness of his own.
We are all familiar by now with our First Minister's habit of shouting down anything that he doesn't wish to hear, but his spell of protracted arm-waving was really going too far.
Not surprisingly, lesbian activist Rosie O'Donnell has been asked to participate in the discussion and will doubtless perform her customary role of shouting down those daring to criticize the homosexual lifestyle.
Shouting down the blocks of Southern towns and Northern cities, we still hear voices warning foolhardy souls, "Don't mess with Miss Rudolph, 'cause she'll put a spell on you
Dirty and weary civil defence workers, firemen, policemen, ambulance staff, and the Home Guard (such as William) were shouting down into the rubble for signs of life.