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Stephen Lee will not be shouting the odds about his chances of winning the Embassy World Championship - because he has lost his voice.
If he isn't running his thriving bottling business or betting shops, he can be found shouting the odds at places like Shawfield and Ayr.
Peter Pannu, in his apparent response to blogger Daniel Ivery from the Often Partisan site, has acted like a spurned 14-year-old schoolboy, shouting the odds, making veiled threats and leaking sensitive information for all to see.
Why didn't we see all these Labour MPs and councillors shouting the odds when they were in power, when we had post offices closing down right, left and centre?
You can keep things light and fluffy, you can, and as you've learnt not everything has to be about rushing in and shouting the odds so what happens next?
CAMERON and Clegg barely had time to sit down with their cabinet before the moaning minnies of the North East were shouting the odds that the new government would be bad for the North East.
Over the last few years it's got worse and she's done things such as turning up at the school gates drunk or going round to other kid's homes and shouting the odds at their parents.
A local joiner built us a 'joint' and we stood up in our fanciest suits and trilby hats, and started shouting the odds.
When I got there people were putting their points of view to both Councillor Vera Moody and Mr Ian Hopley, project manager, then entered Chris McGlade shouting the odds and pushing a tape recorder in Mr Hopley's face trying to force him into answering questions.
Suddenly mouthy Yank Vanilla Ice, who'd been shouting the odds all week, found himself penned in with Britain's sarkiest man.
But there was no point in anybody shouting the odds about what happened.
Hardy said: "Ingle has been shouting the odds, saying once he enjoys his 21st straight win against me, he believes he can break through to the lucrative American TV market.