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Ronnie Moore took the step of turning the Tranmere captaincy over to Ian Goodison after we lost a two-goal lead at Bristol City a fortnight ago and remarked in the media this week that he was pleased to hear the Jamaican international shouting the odds in our dressing room.
The time has come not only for brave decision taking by Mike Whitby and his colleagues, but also for all those shouting the odds from the sidelines to realise that there are things that they can do to make change possible.
But there was no point in anybody shouting the odds about what happened.
Rather than shouting the odds, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott would be well advised to start negotiating with the Fire Brigades Union.
I had someone's mum come in shouting the odds because I refused to sell her son cigarettes.
She died defiant and still shouting the odds, appearing on international television to accuse Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad's forces of murder.
The quiet man: Richard Dunne is not one for shouting the odds.
Victory this afternoon will see Carlisle leapfrog their more illustrious opponents in the table, not that manager Greg Abbott is in any mood to start shouting the odds.
CAMERON and Clegg barely had time to sit down with their cabinet before the moaning minnies of the North East were shouting the odds that the new government would be bad for the North East.
A local joiner built us a 'joint' and we stood up in our fanciest suits and trilby hats, and started shouting the odds.
It may not be your style to go around shouting the odds, but then if your voice seems faint in the consciousness of those around, perhaps it's time you turned up the volume.
If McClaren really is shouting the odds, as his apologists would have us believe, no one is listening.