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Songs range from big ballads such as Too Late and Let Down to ballsy back to basics Crawl Back In, Inside Of Me and the scuzzy, shouty My Suffering.
Not quite as unbelievable as the nonsense that ensues as the show's presenters Gregg Wallace (the bald, shouty one) and John Torode (the hairy shouty one) offer their analysis.
Those of us sitting close to him were, understandably I think, keeping quiet - and looking anywhere but at The Shouty Man.
About me: Mum to a shouty five year old and a fast-moving one year old.
It was far too shouty, the stunts were poor and there was no chemistry between the hosts.
One is an established figure with a tumultuous track record who polarises opinion, while the other is a shouty challenger with an oddly coiffured hairdo, who has risen from the ashes of controversy more times than a packet of Lambert and Butler.
e 43-year-old mum of four - whose creations include rhymes such as Shouty Shawn, Mum Take a Bow and Can't Stop Me
HOLBY CITY (8pm BBC1) A PROFESSIONAL footballer ends up in AAU tonight after crashing his Porsche, and he's swiftly followed by his shouty agent who's turned up to make sure his client gets the best.
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) DONNA'S back in Emmerdale tonight and when April discovers that "the big tall shouty man" called Marlon is her daddy, it's time for some big decisions.
Tony Law @ Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff ( Wednesday) * IF you like your stand-up comedy shouty, bearded and Canadian, then Tony Law is the man for you.
One would not criticise Springsteen for being political or The Clash for being shouty.
Of course, Barry isn't a real person but a shouty actor cleaning a penny so the product sticks in the mind.