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Jane Clayton, working furiously to shove the boat beyond his reach, suddenly realized that she was to be successful, for with a little lurch the dugout swung quickly into the current, just as the Russian reached out to place his hand upon its bow.
desperately trying to shove the PUNISHED: Alicia disciplines Jacob
Never shove that bore brush into the barrel while it's attached to the gun.
I am very proud to be Welsh and would like to see a much higher percentage and it will not happen with the current push and shove attitude.
I feel like that challenge was the angst that went into the overwhelming feelings of what we wrote about in the record and then also contributes to, like, how proud we are of this record because we really had to push, shove, fight to get to this point.
Exclusive titles on Target s deluxe version include No Doubt's cover of Adam and the Ants' classic 1981 single Stand and Deliver, available for the very first time commercially as a recording; two acoustic tracks, Looking Hot Acoustic Santa Monica Sessions and Easy Acoustic Santa Monica Sessions and two remixed tracks, One More Summer (Jonas Quant Remix) and Push And Shove (Anthony Gorry Remix).
And when push comes to shove, Bent is a role model for Aston Villa to be proud of.
The altered males displayed feminine head butts and shoves, the researchers report.
Palencia responded with a one-handed shove to Clark's head, the antics drawing yellow cards for both players and an ejection for Palencia with his second yellow.
My neighbor mows his lawn in comfort, kingly,/sitting, riding as I strain and sweat/and shove.
Spurred on by shouts of 'shove it in, shove it in,' 19-year-old Ezra Nicholas set a world record by stuffing more than three McDonald's hamburgers into his mouth - without swallowing - at the close of Singapore's contest to be the world's wackiest.