shove aside

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Summary: An awkwardness hangs like an ugly backdrop that, for now, isn't easy to shove aside
We have a great offer on the table, which you cannot just shove aside.
More importantly, he will shove aside Roger Federer and grab third spot in the rankings.
VMware could also shove aside Sun Microsystems, Java's creator, and its new owner, Oracle, and take on the role of helping enterprises modernise their legacy Java apps, said Michael Cote, an analyst with Redmonk.
Lionel may yet take something away from this encounter, but Higgins -- playing a version of the playwright -- presents a man who needs to shove aside his demoralization long enough to start anew.
A skilled political insider, Zeng rose to power as an aide to Hu's predecessor, Jiang Zemin, helping him shove aside rivals.
Danceable Tunes: Shove aside your sofa and turn your living room into a dance floor.
Here is my reality: I haul myself out of bed in the same sweats I went to bed in the day before, schlep into the kitchen, shove aside a stack of dishes to make room for supplies, the cat jumps up on the counter thinking I'm making some interesting sandwich, I curse a lot while trying to prepare for the shot, I close my eyes and try over and over and over until finally my shot is given, after which I say, "Weeellllll, now, that wasn't so bad.
Two excavators were also helping shove aside earth in Sijeruk.
There's plot, intrigue, back-room dealings, and enough political cloak-and-dagger to shove aside any need for fiction to get in the way of reality as a good show.
My job relies on how I look and I've had to shove aside casting shoots because I look so awful," she went on.
If Republicans continue to shove aside the mainstream bloc of their own party, the country will suffer--and, in the end, so might the GOP itself.