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She had visible injuries on her arms due to being dragged and shoved.
She was shoved to the floor by one of the robbers, before they took the bands from her fingers.
Williams "He was carrying all of his belongings - a quilt on his back, a carrier bag of clothes and slippers, and towels shoved down his coat.
He said Naeemul Haq first shoved him and used language that can't be spoken on-air.
According to reports, a huge crowd of PML(N) workers broke through security barricades and shoved their way inside the building.
He grabbed me by the arm really aggressively and shoved me into the wall quite hard and shouted at me.
Last Thursday, witnesses said a woman pacing and mumbling to herself suddenly shoved Sen off the elevated platform of a No.
British police are hunting for two men who spat on, shoved and racially abused an Iranian man while dozens of people passed by and did nothing.
He was shoved after joining a queue of people seeking to vote.
Rachel Knight, prosecuting, said he panicked when he saw the police and shoved wraps of the Class B drug into his underwear.
A TEENAGER groped a Christmas party reveller then shoved her into a wall when she slapped him for the drunken sex attack.
He claimed the Bahraini threatened to have police lock him up for 45 days if he didn't pay, then shoved him aside and spat in his face.