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Since leaving the canoe-house we had scarcely exchanged a single syllable with one another; but when we entered a second narrow opening in the wood, and again caught sight of the ridge before us, I took Toby by the arm, and pointing along its sloping outline to the lofty heights at its extremity, said in a low tone, 'Now, Toby, not a word, nor a glance backward, till we stand on the summit of yonder mountain--so no more lingering but let us shove ahead while we can, and in a few hours' time we may laugh aloud.
Jane Clayton, working furiously to shove the boat beyond his reach, suddenly realized that she was to be successful, for with a little lurch the dugout swung quickly into the current, just as the Russian reached out to place his hand upon its bow.
The ninth sounded and was gone, when the referee gave Ponta a last backward shove and Joe came to his feet, bunched up, covered up, weak, but cool, very cool.
He shoves Billy into his car boot and threatens to let the car roll off a cliff.
Eileen mounts a bedside vigil as the vicar is in a coma, but there is no sign of Todd, who has scarpered with Summer after discovering that Peter told the schoolgirl's Carla shoves grandmother that Billy is an unfit parent.
It was a whack but it was strange because Soliola got his hands up and he shoves Kevin Is it other way, which gives him a bit of whiplash.