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Pushing, shoving, and hauling, greeting old friends here and warning old enemies there, Commodore Tom Platt led his little fleet well to leeward of the general crowd, and immediately three or four men began to haul on their anchors with intent to lee-bow the "We're Heres".
He brought out the check quietly but with a full consciousness that with one gesture he was shoving enough over that scratched and worn walnut counter to buy out half the bank.
No, no," cried Holmes, shoving him back into the chair from which he had half risen.
Sir Howard again slapped his host on the shoulder, shoving him playfully forward to take the first shot.
New York, with its shoving, jostling, hurrying crowds; a giant fowl-run, full of human fowls scurrying to and fro; clucking, ever on the look-out for some desired morsel, and ever ready to swoop down and snatch it from its temporary possessor, had numbed her.
They take as much genuine pleasure in building a barricade as they do in cutting a throat or shoving a friend into the Seine.
Tom did his best to sell only his own excellent but limited range of produce; but Progress came shoving things into his window, French artichokes and aubergines, foreign apples-- apples from the State of New York, apples from California, apples from Canada, apples from New Zealand, "pretty lookin' fruit, but not what I should call English apples," said Tom-- bananas, unfamiliar nuts, grape fruits, mangoes.
They seem to me like ships, like majestic ships, holding on their way, not shoving or pushing, not fretted by little things, as we are, but taking their way, like ships with white sails.
Before he could rise, Daylight had whirled him over on his back and was rubbing his face and ears with snow and shoving handfuls down his neck.
It had been torn from its foundations, and wind and sea were heaving and shoving it toward the lagoon.
Just as we were shoving off the last skiff, our own, one of the men came upon us.
Then I'll break his neck," Scott retorted, continuing his shoving and wedging with the revolver muzzle.