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Describing her daughter as "screaming for her life," the mum recalled: "I tried shoving a sandwich in its mouth in an attempt to distract it but it was holding her leg too hard.
NEW YORK: A shoving match broke out on Friday at the weigh-in for this weekend s title fight between WBA super lightweight champion Amir Khan of Britain and challenger Paulie Malignaggi of New York.
He admitted attacking his boss when he appeared in the High Criminal Court, but claimed the Bahraini provoked him by shoving him and spitting in his face.
The puffing patrolman only pulled his trousers back on after shoving a THIRD car to dry land.
The man in the video may be the same person who fled after shoving the woman on Wednesday, they said.
ASHLEY COLE last night admitted he relished shoving the taunts back down Manchester United fans' throats after Arsenal's dramatic spot-kick victory in the FA Cup final.
By contrast, most of the alternative approaches would build up force gradually, gently nudging, rather than shoving, the asteroid.
Maybe even less-educated women are smart enough to get by without conservatives shoving them to the altar--or liberals shoving them into classrooms.
MIDNIGHT parties organised by retailers to welcome the German edition of the latest Harry Potter novel deteriorated into shoving matches yesterday as thousands of tired parents and children fought for the book.
So a less massive player will have a tough time shoving Erik Williams off balance.
A shoving match erupted on the House floor yesterday between Republican whip Tom DeLay and the ranking Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, David Obey, less than a month after House members held a retreat in hopes of restoring civility to the chamber.