show bias

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It would be easy for a Nissan dealer to show bias, but that is not the case here.
provided he doesn't show bias to his Welsh players.
The latest team orders saga that unfolded at the British Grand Prix might have made Webber think twice about remaining at a marque that again appeared to show bias towards Sebastian Vettel.
Washington, Feb 24 (ANI): A new study has explained why people are more likely to show bias against people who are different, when they are feeling badly about themselves.
If action is not initiated against the banks that show bias, we will move the Punjab and Haryana High Court," he said.
Developers continue to show bias towards developing mid to high-income housing units.
The DPS Deputy Chairman, Lyutvi Mestan, further announced that the Court will be asked to conduct a parallel inquiry for alleged electoral violations in the capital Sofia, and the cities of Gabrovo and Dobrich, adding a refusal would show bias.
There is no alternative to recognizing the scale of the difficulties that face any Palestinian attempt to exit the bilateral negotiations that the Palestinian authorities have been submerged in for nearly two decades, and move toward a realm of diplomatic effort, which international powers describe as a return to putting the PA before one of two choices: either show bias toward the Israeli side and its occupation, or support the Palestinians and gamble on sparking the ire of the US and other countries that are regular backers of Israel.
There could be more amendments in the coming months during the revision phases, but hopefully, it wouldn't show bias to anyone.
With no clear indication as to the implementation of the mortgage law, developers continue to show bias on developing mid to high end residential units while demand for low-cost housing remains unmet", Emad Damrah of Colliers International said.
Not only did the BBC's senior journalist in the Middle East show bias in his reporting, he also made it clear, in his defense before the BBC Trust, that he thinks it's reasonable to report solely from the Palestinian perspective and ignore other mainstream narratives.