show clearly

See: prove
References in classic literature ?
It is also necessary to show clearly, not only which of these governments is best for a state, but also how it ought to be established there, and other things we will treat of briefly.
And first, we will speak of a democracy; and this will at the same time show clearly the nature of its opposite which some persons call an oligarchy; and in doing this we must examine into all the parts of a democracy, and everything that is connected therewith; for from the manner in which these are compounded together different species of democracies arise: and hence it is that they are more than one, and of various natures.
Those who opened the gates to him permitted their surprise to show clearly in their expressions.
Madame Fouquet permitted her countenance to show clearly that if Fouquet had conducted himself well towards the king, the king had hardly done the like to the minister.
Statistics show clearly that a high proportion of sales are now online via mobile phones so we are perfectly placed to help our clients fully exploit this customer preference through our social media expertise.
The British Airline Pilots Association wants technology fitting to bar drones from flying where they may meet planes and to make them show clearly on radar.
But there's no such thing as a "safe" act in the X Factor, as last night's show clearly shows.
Most companies fail to show clearly their charges or charged excessive amounts for defaulting, and many people are potentially allowed to take credit they can't afford.
The contents of her article show clearly that there is a strong possibility that Mr Sanders has a point.
These decorated ancient Egyptian papyri show clearly that the illuminated manuscript was a tradition born in ancient Egypt.
1 : to show clearly <He demonstrates a willingness to change.
Most cameras are rear-facing, and even the front-facing ones (brought in to identify drivers) often do not show clearly who is driving.