show clemency

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The husband asked the court to show clemency and cancel the fine, for the future of his children.
Public demonstrations had been banned by Musharraf's regime in advance of a brief visit from President Clinton, who had urged the military regime to show clemency towards its deposed ruler.
In response to our appeal, the Syrian authorities have found it possible to show clemency and release the American on humanitarian grounds."
He apologised for what he had done and out of remorse and repentance he decided to go to Haj and seek forgiveness from God - he is also seeking leniency from the court," argued Al Gailani who asked the court to show clemency to the accused.
Justice spokesman Graeme Pearson said: "The people of Scotland can corroborate that he is not up to the job and Alex Salmond should show clemency and give him early release from ministerial office.
Hollande's gesture toward Dibrani, who said from Kosovo on Saturday she would not return without her family, appeared to be designed to show clemency without undermining his interior minister or offering fodder to a burdgeoning far-right movement.
Almost exactly three years later, the girls were pardoned by the King of Thailand, who had been urged to show clemency by the then Prime Minister John Major and also the former Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev Mark Santer.
I am sorry that this did not take place, but we hope that Pakistan President and the government will on a humanitarian ground show clemency towards Sarabjit," she added.
Officials from Turkey and Brazil have also protested Ghassemi-Shall's sentence and asked Iran to show clemency.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Human rights activists say that despite Washington's claims about its support for the rights of women, specially female inmates, in the other world countries, the White House refrains to show clemency to 53 women who are on the death row in various parts of the US.
We hope that the Chinese authorities have kept him in the dark that his execution is only hours away because they are going to show clemency.
The Prime Minister has appealed to the Chinese government to show clemency."