show concern for

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As an animal lover, I don't have time for people who don't show concern for animal welfare.
His attempt to show concern for a mother's loss should not be one of them.
Also, sadly, there are a few Sunday worship attenders who do not always show concern for people who do not attend a Sunday service.
I'm pregnant and am extra keen to avoid such things: it is upsetting that smokers do not show concern for my unborn child
Given the global dimensions of poverty, injustice, and discrimination, "the statement said, "we have a clear religious obligation to show concern for the poor and those deprived of their political, social, and cultural rights.
Of course, Christians must show concern for the wretched of the earth; but the root causes of terror lie elsewhere and pointing in the wrong direction is simply wrong-headed.
Crommett and Farris said one of the most valuable aspects of LifeLink's service is that it enables companies to show concern for their employees.
They will have to show concern for and reward ethical behavior.
Is it to be assumed that it is antisocial to question the status quo and show concern for animal welfare?
To inquire if others are OK is not to be a nanny or a killjoy but to show concern for others.
I am sure that to show concern for an injured pensioner would not be classed as confrontation and a breach of regulations.