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She said that Pakistan should have allowed UN committee to visit AJK, It was a big mistake, there is nothing to hide in AJK and there is no comparison of AJK with IOK adding that our absurdity has lost Pakistan to show contrast between IOK and AJK.
" Textures can bring harmony and materials show contrast. Esta Galleria's showroom is located at the third level of Glorietta 3.
The requirements for Jeanne's students were to show contrast and to layer three colors in at least one place.
In a cirrhotic liver, lesions that show contrast enhancement in the arterial phase and washout in the portal or late phase should be considered as HCC until proven otherwise (Figure 5) (15).
Caption: Figure 2: Axial (a), coronal (b), and sagittal (c) slices of abdominal CT show contrast media defect due to tumor thrombus (arrows) in the superior mesenteric vein.
Obama is not fond of the cold but according to Mastromonaco, "how better to show contrast with an old and tired Senator McCain than with a spry and virile Barack Obama, so dedicated to the American public that he would endure a snowstorm to tell them about his vision for the country?" So, the Chester event was kept on the schedule.
On brain MRI, the meninges show contrast enhancement [2, 3].
On magnetic resonance imaging, hibernomas demonstrate signal intensity intermediate between that of skeletal muscle and subcutaneous fat on both [T.sub.1]- and [T.sub.2]-weighted images, and because of their hypervascularity show contrast enhancement.
A creative photographer does not forget to show contrast in his pictures.
Epidermoid tumors do not show contrast. Diffusion-weighted MRI has been proven to be a useful technique for the differentiation of epidermoid tumors from arachnoid cysts, and when epidermoid tumor is considered, MR should be added to the protocol (4).
(1-5) The dura underlying the tumour might show contrast enhancement; this is thought to be due to either dural irritation by the tumour or to dural invasion by tumour cells.