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Senior party figure and opera fan Nick Brown, MP for Newcastle East, went to a show courtesy of Japan International Tobacco which make Silk Cut and Benson & Hedges cigarettes.
Parents who drive their children to school should keep clear of zigzag road markings near school entrances, show courtesy to other road users and leave themselves extra time for the journey.
Lyrics to the track include: "I never saw him as a threat, 'til you disappeared with him to have sex," and "If I show courtesy and respect to someone, I expect to receive it.
During business hours, family members need to show courtesy and act professionally while working with family members.
All you need to do is to keep yourself informed about the laws in UAE and to show courtesy to the traditions and culture of our host.
The festival, on August 31 and September 1, also includes more than 360 miles of walks including gorge and cave walks, a hunt for trees, tea and cakes at Carrog Railway Station tearooms and even a walking fashion show courtesy of sponsors Cotswold Leisure.
Festival goers will have the opportunity to control the visual content displayed inside the domes, using iPads to create their own artistic light show courtesy of Heineken Light.
There's also some flesh on show courtesy of Philip Olivier who has carved something of a panto niche for himself in recent years playing Buttons.
com)-- The ability to completely customize a variety of automotive parts, from exhaust pipes to headers, was on display at the 2012 SEMA Show courtesy of Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coatings.
This is because there are those who consider that Bahrain has departed from the tradition of dialogue, exactly because it feels that it doesn't need to show courtesy to the (moderate Shiite opposition) Wefaq movement because of the protective shield it has been provided with," she argued.
If pedestrians do need to walk on cycle paths, they should give way to cyclists, and cyclists in turn should show courtesy to those on foot.
The NSSF recently released a video, "Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette," to help new shooters learn range safety rules and show courtesy to fellow shooters.