show determination

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Considering that special attention is paid to the fight against corruption at an early stage of accession to the European Union and that all levels of government in BiH should show determination in undertaking concrete and sustainable activities to combat corruption, I want to emphasize that the BPC has been involved in these activities from the beginning,' Prime Minister of BPC GoraA3/4de pointed out.
He further went on to say that to improve the condition of the health department the Chief Minister should show determination. "He should monitor things himself and remove irresponsible ministers," he said.
The spokesman appealed to all sections of people Kashmir to remain united for the cause and show determination and steadfastness till the frustration of these vicious plans.
We must be show determination in our policy with Russia, but the channels for dialogue must stay open.
Learn the skills, practise them, don't give up and show determination; that resilience will help you succeed.
I expect the European Union to show determination and set the Republic of Macedonia a date for opening membership negotiations, said Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov in his ad dress at the official session of the opening of the Crans Montana Forum in Brussels Thursday.
It urged the international community to take firm and effective action to end the massacres in Myanmar, just as it had with Daesh and Al-Qaeda, and to show determination in the face of organized terror.
"We have to demonstrate absolute vigilance and show determination that is unfailing." Following Hollande's speech, French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed that the death toll had risen to 80.
Thaci hasn't uttered a single demand and didn't show determination to articulate the interests of Albanian citizens.
Their stories show determination in the face of unimaginable loss and hardship which instill an appreciation for the textiles themselves and for the strong people who create them.
The post Greece should show determination in implementing reforms -- Germany's Steinmeier appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The president of Lebanese university referred to signing of memoranda of understanding with many Iranian universities and research centers and said these documents show determination in the two countries to develop bilateral scientific and technological cooperation.