show hostility

See: collide, menace
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Such a matter, in turn, makes Egypt one of the most Arab countries that show hostility to freedom of expression as well as press freedom, especially that about 59 journalists have remained in prison so far.
Following the emergence of strong evidence about corruption and bribery that incriminated certain ministers, bureaucrats and their close circles, the Erdoy-an administration started to show hostility towards anything that would force them to be held accountable in court.
Governors should not show hostility to the new government, but they should not resign till the President asks for a resignation, he added.
ANHRI's statement addressed the worrying trend of assaults on journalists: "Journalists in Egypt have become a target from all sides, whether the security forces or even citizens who show hostility to them.
Preliminary research suggests that men with type A personalities--high-strung individuals who show hostility, cynicism and impatience--are more apt to die after a heart attack than other men.
and not endorse, favor or promote, or disfavor or show hostility toward any particular religion, nonreligious faith, or religious perspective" The problem, of course, is enforcing this very important part of the bill.
There is a certain Lebanese party that is linked with Iran, and works to spread the policy of Iran, which is to show hostility to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states," Daher said in an interview with a local radio station.
His study of Islam is further narrowed to that which occurred in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s when an intellectual class began to show hostility to both Sufism and popular Islam.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco, as a sovereign country, will not be indulgent with journalists who does not abide by professional ethics and show hostility to the kingdom's interests, said, on Tuesday in Rabat, Morocco's Communication Minister, Government's Spokesman, Khalid Naciri.
Although they deny this fact, it is evident and clear that they are the enemy of Islam and show hostility against it.
We should not show hostility toward others, even to followers of other faiths.
Teenage mothers, depressed mothers, addicted mothers and single mothers are most likely to show hostility and to dismiss their baby's communications.