show hostility

See: collide, menace
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"Such remarks by the White House officials are lies and deceitful and aimed at fooling the public opinion because they have unilaterally and illegally implemented tens of conditions and preconditions for Iran and did whatever imaginable in the field of economic war and increasing sanctions and political pressures and they have made every attempt to show hostility and hatred and hit a blow at the Islamic Republic," General Hatami said, addressing the defense ministry managers in Tehran on Saturday.
As included in the Project Blitz handbook, the bill states that any course may not "endorse, favor, or promote or disfavor or show hostility toward a particular religion, religious perspective, or nonreligious faith." It's difficult to trust the courses will be objective when the bill's author, Representative Kimberly Daniels, has an unsettling history with religion, once calling herself the "demon buster."
He claimed that the police have continued to show hostility to him and his supporters in Kwara State as part of efforts to jeopardise and undermine his personal security and that of his immediate and larger family.
"On the contrary, pretending to be defenders of rights and democracy, they actually show hostility towards Azerbaijan and seek to discredit its international authority," he said.
Nonverbal sexual harassment includes the distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material, including calendars, posters and cartoons that are sexually suggestive or show hostility toward an individual or group because of sex suggestive or insulting sounds leering, staring, whistling, obscene gestures, content in letters and notes, facsimiles, e-mail, photos, text messages, tweets and internet postings or other forms of communication that is sexual in nature and offensive.
We will not allow whole groups in our society to be excluded." "It is totally inexcusable and unreasonable to hunt down people or use violence and Nazi slogans or show hostility to people who just look different," Merkel argued.
Such a matter, in turn, makes Egypt one of the most Arab countries that show hostility to freedom of expression as well as press freedom, especially that about 59 journalists have remained in prison so far."
Following the emergence of strong evidence about corruption and bribery that incriminated certain ministers, bureaucrats and their close circles, the Erdoy-an administration started to show hostility towards anything that would force them to be held accountable in court.
Governors should not show hostility to the new government, but they should not resign till the President asks for a resignation, he added.
ANHRI's statement addressed the worrying trend of assaults on journalists: "Journalists in Egypt have become a target from all sides, whether the security forces or even citizens who show hostility to them."
Preliminary research suggests that men with type A personalities--high-strung individuals who show hostility, cynicism and impatience--are more apt to die after a heart attack than other men.
"There is a certain Lebanese party that is linked with Iran, and works to spread the policy of Iran, which is to show hostility to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states," Daher said in an interview with a local radio station.