show mercy

References in classic literature ?
They are al- ways ready to sacrifice, but seldom to show mercy.
Remember," he said, in a voice that made itself heard above the din, "that as you show mercy now to the proletariat, some day will that same proletariat show mercy to you.
I have told you this, my father, though it has not to do with my story, because then, and then only, did I ever see Chaka show mercy to one whom he had doomed to die.
Heaven would show mercy," rejoined Hester, "hadst thou but the strength to take advantage of it.
As thou hopest for Heaven's mercy, show mercy to me.
He must master or be mastered; while to show mercy was a weakness.
For such as violate our civil order, it may be permitted us to show mercy.
In April 2015, speaking at the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev has offered to celebrate annually the Day of Gratitude on the day of formation of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in order to pay tribute to all ethnic groups and the Kazakhs, to show mercy to each other.
Just as we've received God's mercy, may we show mercy to those who have wronged us.
In scripture, the rich and powerful are called upon to show mercy to the widow and orphan.
In his homily, Villegas dared the delegates not to be afraid to show mercy to others.
THE daughter of a talented musician asked a judge to show mercy to the careless driver who sped through a junction and killed her father.