show opposition

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Social media has been abuzz with attempts by activists to show opposition to the US decision and support to the Palestinians of Jerusalem.
Audley Court will continue to provide outpatient treatment, but a protest this week will show opposition to the removal of residential care.
Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu said the stadium was closed to show opposition to police violence against voters in Catalonia's independence referendum, which was banned by the national government, and not over safety concerns.
This post even claimed to show opposition and regime-supporting fans watching the match together in Egypt, although it is not clear whether that is an accurate description.
They should show opposition for their own sake, or they will be swallowed by the ministry.
The Labour frontbencher said: "I am deeply concerned that despite (a) consultation likely to show opposition to the closure of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary there will be a decision to close anyway.
She publicly rode a bicycle to show opposition to clerics who asserted that violated the edicts of Islam.
They will be joined by Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Stevens MP and Mick Antoniw AM to show opposition to the UK Trade Union Bill with a "Trade Union Pride" event.
Generally used as a symbol of peace, the white poppy is meant to show opposition to war and violence.
SINGER Charlotte Church and a band of protesters gathered in the centre of Cardiff last night to show opposition to the Budget announced by Chancellor George Osborne.
Bassam Hammoud, the Jamaa politburo chief in south Lebanon, told The Daily Star that the move was made to show opposition to Bou Saab's decision, alleging the minister had political and religious motives.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Ahead of the June parliamentary elections, speculation is once again on the rise in the Turkish capital that embattled President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an and his allies in the government will likely orchestrate yet another wave of sex tape leaks that will show opposition figures as well as dissenters within the ruling party in flagrante delicto in order to sully the reputation of challengers and trump any real political debate in the nation.