show pity

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Ah, if I could only make your dear heart ache one little minute of each day as mine does every day and all day long, it might lead you to show pity to your poor lonely one.
I did show pity, but I refused to take care of him, for I thought he did not deserve it.
The humble backgrounds of the duo have influenced them to show pity to the vulnerable of the society.
However, Sheriff Seith Ireland was in no mood to show pity and jailed Fish for his behaviour and reflect back on his previous convictions, which includes police assault.
For instance a criminal could be up in court for the umpteenth time, but because his girlfriend is pregnant or because he's vowed to kick drugs the judge will quite often show pity.
As the search for a hospital that would show pity on him continued through Sunday night, Murukan's condition deteriorated and he passed away by 6.30am on Monday.
* Do not show pity; do treat us like everyone else.
AMANDA Knox has been choking back tears left, right and centre all week in her latest attempt to show pity for the family of Meredith Kercher.
Teams like Cardiff, and any other for that matter, don't show pity. They just keep going and if the can see some vunerability, they will exploit it.
Khamenehi said the American rulers not only show no mercy for the people of the Middle East, "they don't even show pity for their own people." As proof of that, he said, during the recent economic crisis, Obama "poured thousands of billions of American people's money into the coffers of the arms merchants and the oil companies," although those firms did not qualify for the "Stimulus" bail-out funds.
Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that the American claim of supporting nations has always been a deception and not only they exercise no mercy on people of (our) region, they don't even show pity for their own people, since at the time of the US economic crisis, the current American president poured thousands of billions of dollars of American people's money into the coffers of arms-making and oil corporations.
1 : to feel or show pity or care and understanding for <We sympathize with the family in its sorrow.>