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The post Cypriots abroad show preference for Malas appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Studies reveal that they can distinguish their mothers' voices from those of other women and show preference for speech rhythms that match the language of their mothers.
Researchers tested whether capuchin monkeys would show preference for humans who help others by having the monkeys watch an actor struggle to open a container with a toy inside.
Significant standard deviation estimates for urban farm and farmers' market show preference heterogeneity, with some consumers having significantly higher or significantly lower preferences for a product with these attributes, implying that taste heterogeneity exists among consumers with strong perceived naturalness, but there is no difference among consumers with weak perceived naturalness.
The American Legion does not show preference for or against any particular candidate or political party.
Erdogan urged Washington to show preference to Turkey, a NATO member, rather than the PYD.
From the table, 11 reptile species show preference on the forest habitat than in open habitat.
However, there is not a clear consensus on whether insect preference is due to positive reinforcement or inherent pollinator tendency toward symmetrical structures (Moller and Sorci, 1998), as pollinators show preference for symmetrical flowers of species that do not produce nectar (Moller and Eriksson, 1995).
The blue ribbon committee should not show preference for the cases it is hearing.
Between small and medium enterprise loans, banks show preference for the latter given these decision variables.
When exposed to butterflies with four brilliant ultraviolet-reflecting spots for only three hours, females no longer show preference for the type of males found in the wild.