show prejudice

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Characters go mad, commit suicide, treat wives appallingly, show prejudice against incomers and shun unmarried mothers.
habeas petitioners must show prejudice twice before they are even
63) Thus, the requirement to show prejudice depends on when the error is raised: if the error is raised before trial, there is no need to show prejudice; but if the error is raised on appeal, the accused must show prejudice unless it is a "structural" error.
Beijing, July 11(ANI): The United States will maintain its presence in the South China Sea but not show prejudice toward any side involved in the territorial dispute there, the top US military officer has said.
While niche dating is the latest trend in online dating, sites that show prejudice and oust members because of appearance, age, and sexuality should be made unlawful.
It is however equally wrong for employers to show prejudice against local workers as against workers of other nationalities What is clearly unacceptable is for companies to recruit from overseas to undercut locally agreed wage rates.
Apparently hens can't count, and they don't show prejudice.
Is it easy to show prejudice against the overweight group because, like all abused people, they are already too submissive, embarrassed even to kick up too much of a fuss?
To show prejudice, a defendant must demonstrate: 1) that he did not know that the conviction would result in deportation; 2) that he was "threatened" with deportation because of the plea; and 3) had he known of the possible deportation consequences, he would not have entered the plea.
COURT'S OPINION: The United States Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania held that despite the running of the two-year time period, the defendants did not show prejudice and "the lack of prejudice is best manifested by the vigorous and through defense presented" by the defendant.