show promise

See: portend
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Lead researcher Professor Joanna Wardlaw said, "We are delighted that the results of this trial show promise for treating a common cause of stroke and the commonest cause of vascular dementia since currently there are no effective treatments.
* Clinical trials show promise in breast cancer treatment.
Two other drugs in earlier testing also show promise, researchers reported in December 2006 at a meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Orlando, Fla.
Previous clinical trials show promise for Naturlose as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes.
"This pilot program allows us to test the idea that growth models show promise as fair, reliable and innovative methods of giving states credit for student improvement over time," says U.S.
That being said, this mag might show promise, we'll see what the guy can do out of the joint.
"What that does is weed out the inventions that don't show promise."
Other, equally exciting applications show promise in the laboratory.
These systems show promise, says Turley, but require very cost-prohibitive capital investments.
They must have a serious intent to pursue full-time professional employment in the rubber industry and show promise of a productive future us a technical professional.
Although the research is mixed on "natural" remedies, some show promise. You can try ginger, which may help for nausea, fever, and pain.
New metallocene-type single-site catalysts under development at Montell Polyolefins North America, Wilmington, Del., show promise for producing a wide variety of polypropylenes, including copolymers and elastomeric types.