show proof

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In our system, you have the right to fight for your interests but it is also your obligation to show proof if you are making an accusation, Mr.
Now, they are also charging money, in some cases, to print off the ticket on email to show proof of purchase for the gig - or there's a higher cost if you want the tickets sent to you.
Under the new law, people must show proof of citizenship to register to vote.
Michigan drivers will be allowed to show proof of insurance on their mobile device.
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 1) Must show proof of passing latest QA/QC testing for all parameters stated in bid.
To preserve the validity of those complying with CCP online or by attestation, AMT conducts a random audit, which requires those selected to show proof of compliance by submitting supporting documentation.
Will we all have to show proof of insurance before they take to the air?
Kentucky has become the 11th state to permit drivers to use electronic versions of their insurance cards to show proof of coverage.
Buyer must show proof of successful restaurant ownership and financials prior to showing appointment.
A law implemented in May requires individuals seeking a new driver's license to show proof that they've lived in Texas for at least the last 30 days.
Expatriates have to personally apply for the certificate at the Polo office and show proof of employment and a valid residence visa.